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Built-in Wardrobe Ideas


When you think of built-in wardrobes, do you simply think of bedrooms, and clothes storage? While built-in wardrobes make the ideal solution for keeping your favourite clothes stored, hung and in great condition, they can actually be used in different ways to make attractive and functional storage options for other things and in other places in the home.

Built-in Wardrobes in the Living Room

Built-in wardrobes
can be a great way to optimise your use of space and create a clutter free environment in your living room. By having large, built-in wardrobes in your living room you can create a great cabinet for your entertainment equipment, like your TV, games consoles, DVD collection and even books and magazines, that can be closed up when not in use to give your room a tidy, uncluttered, minimalist look. Using sliding or hinged doors means you can have different sections you can store different kinds of things in, and open up to access or reveal when you want.

Built-in Wardrobes in Kids’ Bedrooms and Playrooms

Keeping your kids’ bedrooms and playrooms tidy can be a nightmare, but if you use built-in wardrobes in these rooms with clever internal storage options like drawers and shelves, you can have a place where you can stow away toys, art equipment, books and school stuff when not in use, allowing you to just close the door to suddenly make the room nice and tidy. The doors can be a great place for kids to stick up their posters and drawings without damaging walls, and as your kids grow, the built-in wardrobes can take on new uses, serving as storage for their sports equipment and school supplies, as well as their clothes.

Built-in Wardrobes in the Bathroom

Built-in wardrobes can be a great addition to your bathroom, providing a place to store all of your fluffy clean towels and robes, as well as other things you want to keep out of the way like cleaning products. You can choose rack style shelves in wood or metal to put all of your towels and clean washcloths on, and then add mirrors to the doors to help you and your family get ready. Using built-in wardrobes in this way, to create a kind of airing cupboard effect, makes really good use of the space in your bathroom and provides some much needed storage, keeping the things inside safe and dry. You can even have a lock on the door to help keep your kids away from any dangerous chemicals.

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