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Built-in Wardrobes doors: hinged or sliding?


The doors you choose for your built-in wardrobe are not only important because of the aesthetics of the room they’re in but also because of their functionality and how well they work for you. The way that your built-in wardrobe doors open may not seem like a big deal at first, but once they are in your space and you’re using them on a daily basis, how they work will be a very big deal. What’s the point in having a gorgeous built-in wardrobe if you have to fuss with doors that just don’t work for you?

Hinged or Sliding? That Is the Question.

Choosing between hinged or sliding doors for your built-in wardrobe really depends on the space more than personal preference. Measure out the space around the wardrobe to determine whether it’s even enough to accommodate hinged doors. The last thing you need is to realize once the doors have been installed that they open out too far and block or even hit something else in the room. As for sliding doors, there needs to be ample space between the clothes hanging inside the wardrobe and the doors so that you don’t pull down or damage clothes as you slide the doors. Having too little space will lead to doors coming off their track which could cause them to fall or break.

Style Matters

Once you have determined whether you want hinged or sliding doors for your built-in wardrobe, then you can start considering the style that will work best with your décor. You can choose from standard doors or something more ornate; bi-fold doors; even mirrored doors. What about the handles or knobs? Are you looking for something contemporary or something that blends in with an older character home? Even the style of the hinges is worth considering if they’re going to be visible against the door. They may seem like small details but in the end they go a long way in helping you create the look you want.

The material your doors are made of is another factor to keep in mind. Whether hinged or sliding; doors for built-in wardrobes come in all kinds of materials and colours so that you can customize the look and budget to your liking. Do you want something that can be painted to match your décor or do you prefer mirrored doors because they have a double duty? Think it through and you’ll be sure to make the right choice.

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