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How to Best Clean Your Shower Screen


Anyone who has ever dealt with a glass or acrylic shower screen has likely struggled with keeping it clean. It just seems that no matter how often or hard we scrub, it just never gleams quite the way we want it to! These tips will show you how to best clean your shower screen and keep it looking good.

Tips for Cleaning That Nasty Shower Screen

If you are the one who purchased the shower screen then you may want to consult the care instructions or warranty information that you were given when you first bought it. Otherwise, use these tips to help you clean your shower screen.

Always stay on top of your shower screen cleaning as it can become a much more difficult problem to get rid of once the nasty bacteria have been left to rule. Not only does it just grow thicker and harder to clean, but mould and mildew can actually be harmful to your health. That’s right—you have a grimy mess AND the risk of illness to contend with when you put off this chore too long.

It is not just important to ensure that the shower screen is clean; the whole of the bathroom needs to be cleaned to ensure that no mould or mildew spores are able to spread around the bathroom. To ensure that your shower screen says cleaner for longer, it is worthwhile making sure that your bathroom is well aired.

Choose a cleaner which contains bacteria fighting agents. If natural options are your preference, then give vinegar a try as it can kills bacteria just as good as many of the cleaners available on the market. If there is an excess of mildew and bacteria on your shower screen it may be necessary to pay special attention to these areas and to leave the cleaning agent on the shower screen for longer, to save on some elbow grease.

The type of cloth you should use will depend on the type of material the shower screen is made of. Remember that glass is much tougher and less porous than the most scratch resistant of plastics and acrylics. Also keep in mind though that you don’t want to use anything that will scratch the shower screen regardless of what it’s made of. Tempting as it may be to get out the Brillo pad to cut away at the grime and mould; scratching the surface will only make it even more susceptible to mould build-up not to mention make it look terrible!

Follow these tips and you will have the cleanest shower screen in Sydney!

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