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Installation Time of a Built-in Wardrobe


While there are many reasons why built-in wardrobes are far better in the long run than flat pack or ready made standalone ones, the one drawback is that when you buy your built-in wardrobes, you can’t just take them home and start using them right away. Unless you are planning to build your own built-in wardrobes, there will need to be an appointment for the company you are working with to come and install your units, and if you have ordered some that have had to be custom made or even designed, then there is a lead time for that work to take place too.

How long you can expect it to take to get the built-in wardrobes you have chosen installed will vary depending on a number of factors. If you have chosen a popular, standard design with no unusual sizes or cutomisations then it is possible you could have your built-in wardrobes installed the next day after you order them, but this will depend on whether the team that install the wardrobes has time available as well as whether or not there is a wait on delivery of the components.

If your wardrobes are going to be completely bespoke and there is going to be a design phase, naturally you will be expecting a longer period between commissioning the built-in wardrobes and getting them installed, because all of the work has to be done to order – they won’t be using any ready made parts like doors so everything will have to be designed, approved and made before they can arrange to come and fit the units.

Ordinarily, the lead time on getting built-in wardrobes installed, while it varies, can be measured in days rather than weeks or months – you shouldn’t have to wait too long, and the company you are ordering from should work with you to pick a mutually convenient time to come around and do the installation for you.

If you have any particular needs relating to the installation time, for example if you will need it to be done on a weekend so you don’t have to take time off work to let them in, or if you definitely need the built-in wardrobes before a certain date, then you should discuss this with the company you are using, or any companies that you are talking to prior to placing your order.

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I would like to thank you all the team, for their great service and quality screens. Throughout the process from being provided the quote to the delivery and installation staff have been courteous, efficient and helpful. After doing quite a bit of looking around I also would like to say the quality of the screens was much higher then the competitors even though the prices were comparable. Thank you making the process as quick and simple as possible, especially as it was in the final weeks leading up to Christmas. Kinds regards

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