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Shower Screens in Sydney – Prices


If you are renovating a house in Sydney, or simply redecorating the bathroom in your own Sydney home, then finding good shower screens can really complete the look of the bathroom and provide a stylish and elegant finish, as well as, of course, having the practical benefit of keeping water where it should be while you and your family shower! Of course, as you start planning your redecoration or renovation project, you will need to pick out the shower screens you want and factor the cost into your plans, so it is a good idea to get pricing on your shower screens early on in your project.

The prices of shower screens, unsurprisingly, can vary depending on a lot of factors. There are so many different styles and materials used in shower screens, as well as of course different sizes and installation methods, that it is virtually impossible to give even a ranged indication of price for shower screens in general. They range from cheap, imported products through to high end, bespoke luxury shower screens, and so the prices you can expect to pay range accordingly.

The cheapest shower screens are, as with most things, not the best. These can often be made of cheap, poor quality materials and have a low build quality. This will mean your shower screens will be far more prone to cracking or breaking, or warping and creating leaks (depending what they are made of). You may also have problems with the frames and movement of cheap shower screens, finding that they can jar and stick, become stiff, bang, or leave gaps where water can seep out into the rest of the room, causing more significant bathroom problems.

For this reason, it pays to invest in good shower screens from a reputable company that will also install them professionally for you. The prices will be higher, as you might expect, but they should offer much better value for money, and your shower screens will look better and last much longer than their cheaper alternatives. Having said that, there is no need to break the bank when you buy good quality, professionally fitted shower screens; if you talk to a good Sydney shower screens company you should be able to find something that fits in with your budget and also offers the level of style and quality you need and expect from your shower screens.

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I would like to thank you all the team, for their great service and quality screens. Throughout the process from being provided the quote to the delivery and installation staff have been courteous, efficient and helpful. After doing quite a bit of looking around I also would like to say the quality of the screens was much higher then the competitors even though the prices were comparable. Thank you making the process as quick and simple as possible, especially as it was in the final weeks leading up to Christmas. Kinds regards

Karen Malone

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