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Why Fitted Wardrobes are the Ideal Storage Solution for Your Living Room


When it comes to decorating, traditionally wardrobes are thought of as a bedroom fitting. Fitted wardrobes, however, can actually make sense in all different kinds of places, from serving as a closet for your coats by your front door, to housing all of your towels, robes and flannels in your bathroom. Fitted wardrobes are so versatile because they provide a full storage solution that uses the space in the most efficient way possible, but also close up and blend in to the room so you don’t have your things on display all the time.

This is what makes them especially good in certain styles of living room. By having fitted wardrobes with shelves and drawers inside instead of a clothes rail, you can use them as a closable entertainment centre, where you can rig up your sound system, your TV, your cable box and your games consoles and store all of your music, DVDs and games where they can’t be seen when you aren’t using them. This lets you keep your equipment and collections organised and transform the look of the room by opening or closing the doors. It can also be a good place to put books, computer software discs and other tech accessories.

You can use fitted wardrobes with glass doors on some of the shelves if you have some things you’d like to display, and they will be protected from dust inside the wardrobe. You can even have small spotlights inside to light up ornaments, pictures or trophies you keep in there. Alternatively, you can have the whole room blend with the fitted wardrobes, so when the doors are closed you barely notice there was a cupboard there. This works really well if you are going for a very clean, minimalist look to your living room.

Fitted wardrobes can also mask any areas of the room that are a strange shape or where the ceiling slopes or is uneven, buy providing a flat front all the way from floor to ceiling, with handy storage space inside.

If you are redesigning your living room, it is definitely worth considering using fitted wardrobes as part of your plan. If you choose a plain, neutral design you can also be assured that next time you decorate, this is one iteam you don’t need to worry about replacing or updating.

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